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Exxxotica "The biggest Love and Sex Expo!"


I didn't know what to expect. Was everyone going to be naked? Were they going to be fucking right in front of me?  I mean what comes to mind when you hear "Exxxotica: The biggest love and sex expo" ? My mind was racing. I was excited. 
Walking into the event I saw all different kinds of people,  young and old, male and female, all races, everyone was coming together for their love of sex! How awesome!

To my surprise the event was very professional. The porn stars were beautiful wearing cute lingerie and pasties covering up their lickable nipples. Some had big body guards or an entourage. The adult stars charged for pictures and they had merchandise for sale. Pinky told me I could take a picture with her and grab her ass for $100. 
There were sex toys everywhere. Any and every kind of sexual toy you can think of was there. Sex furniture, dildos, cock rings, whips, chains, lube, mystery pleasure bags, I could go on and on. If you had a question about any toy and whi…

Talking SEX with your man.

Recently I have been approached by women wanting to tell their partner that they want to experience more in the bedroom. Many said they don't know how to bring up this topic and don't want to hurt his ego. Listen, communication is key in a relationship. You have to communicate to your partner what and how you want it. 

Ladies, you ARE entitled to an Orgasm just as much as he is. If you are not reaching orgasm during your sexual experience that's a problem. Some men think they know what they are doing, but don't. Not all women are the same. Not all women enjoy the same stimulation. 

If your partner "cums too fast" , "smaller than average", "doesn't have the right motion in the ocean", or "isn't open to try new things" it's time for a talk. All of those things I named above can be worked on. 

When talking to your significant other you don't have to be mean or aggressive about it. Sex is a popular topic and when it may…

Anal Sex; Spreading the booty meat.

☆Anal Sex☆

Let's get dirty, I'm talking about butt sex dirty. 
Have you tried it? Do you enjoy it? Have you thought about trying it? What's stopping you?

Now let's spread that booty meat.... 

I was nervous my first time, thinking it was going to hurt a lot or that I would shit myself afterwards. Lol I was wrong. I took control. I knew that my hole was going to be tight and that lube would play a big part in this position. I bought Anal Eaze that helped lubricate the area as well as slightly numb it. He got into his position and stood there. I moved my body back and forth and controlled how much dick went inside of me. Now at first I didn't receive that much pleasure from this, but seeing how much pleasure he was having excited me. Since he was getting a lot of stimulation and pleasure from anal sex, I wanted to figure out how to enjoy it more myself. I found that if you play with your clitoris that your mind doesn't feel pain but pleasure,  and a lot of it. Going s…

☆Porn☆ Pro vs. Amateur

    Pro vs. Amateur

I did much research for this blog. I watched, I read, and I made my own. Anyway, I wanted opinions from men and women about this "taboo", yet 97 million dollar topic. Today we can view porn with a click of a button.  Hell, sometimes you don't even have to click and it pops up. There's all different types of porn for your viewing pleasure. Lesbian, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Sex toy usage, bondage, and Squirting are just naming a few! However, the porn that I want to talk about is the professional porn vs. The homemade videos. 

------ "I love porn. Ever since I was 10 and I saw real sex on HBO I've watched porn. To me it's like the perfect sex. Anytime you want it! I like Amateur POV (Point of view) Oral, reverse cowgirl any position but mostly head. Every time I press play it makes me feel like I'm making porn instead of watching porn." - Sent to me from a male amateur  porn supporter. 

I've seen Kim and Ray J's…

Now we're getting wet! Squirting Part 2; The Squirt.

The Squirt. 

Now that your familiar with this female phenomenon ( read my last blog!)  I wanted you to read some real life squirting stories and tips for those who want to squirt. I definitely wanted both male and female perspectives on this wet subject.  So now let's get wet...

The first time is unexplainable and most women don't realize that they are squirting. When a woman learns to control this she can control this erotic power.  Practice makes perfect or at least gives you an orgasm in the mean time! Haha A few tricks like learning to connect and relax with your partner is key, also constant G-SPOT stimulation is a must and when you feel the "urge" to pee (which you won't), let it go and bare down and let it flow. Splash. 

It's a mental thing with us women. I believe most women are capable of this phenomenon. My advice is to keep trying! Now wait a minute... our partner has a lot to do with this wet action too. As a woman sometimes we may have to teach our …

Squirting; The Pre-Squirt.

You know I'm always pro- vagina and there are somethings we don't fully understand like SQUIRTING. Ever complex and still a mystery it is still being studied and experimented with by scientists trying to understand this amazing act of a woman's body. It wasn't until around 1980 that they even started to study squirting. So there has yet much to be discovered.  

Squirting can be seen in thousands of pornos and home movies around the world - talk about turn on, huh-. That wetness everywhere! MmMmMm...That is nothing to be ashamed of embrace it and use it as a sense of erotic powers my fellow squirters. Female ejaculation is messy, definitely messy (a towel is your best friend) but makes for a fun wet time! It is not strange or unusual. Don't be ashamed to wet the bed ladies!

When trying to accomplish this female phenomenon the key components are great stimulation and the ability to let loose, get that G-Spot going! Push down and let it flow. Empower yourself and your p…

Pretty Little Pussy.

Pretty Little Pussy. 
Hair. Pubic Hair. Do you shave it, trim it, or let it grow? Men and women all have their different preferences. 

Hair down there can be erotic, it holds the scent of that woman, her pheromones. Pheromones are the natural scent of a clean woman, one of the best sexual turn on's after beauty. No two women smell the same! I hope she smells good, actually it's a MUST that she smells good! A clean pussy is a healthy pussy! Grooming the hair can be fun and fashionable. Some women have even cut shapes, letters, and symbols into their hair. Show me! Lol I'm all about pussy art!  Pubic hair can also excite and stimulate the vagina, simple combing, kissing, twirling, and pulling can move the whole erotic area and possibly cause an orgasm!

Okay... so you shave her. Naked. So soft and smooth. Her pussy lips are bare and exposed. Exciting to the sight and touch. He/She can see the beautiful pussy flower that your lips create. In recent discussions I have found that m…

Time to buy New Sex Toys!

It is time to buy new sex toys!! Check out and see all of the sex toys available for your pleasure! If you are local #pittsburgh email me for personal #exxxiteme deliveries! #igotsextoys

Vibrators, Dildos, Sex Toys... Ooh My!!

Vibrators, Dildos, Sex Toys... OOOH MY! 
The fact is that there's such an amazing variety of vibrators and dildos for you to choose from. The size shape and material all vary and can be so overwhelming! Don't get scared!! I know many men (vibrators aren't just for the pussy!) And women who have no idea what they like or where to look...So I have a few questions for you to ask your inner sex god/goddess as well as some sex toy facts...

First, Where do you want to stick it?  Your clit? Your vagina?  Your anus? Your penis? Because anything that vibrates around those sensitive areas feels amazing, orgasmic! Specific toys are made for those different erotic zones. Rabbits,  Bullets, G-Spot vibrators, Anal vibrators, vibrating cock rings, and dildos can all be a good time.

Second,  How strong do you want the vibrations to be, if any?  If you have never used a vibrator then this question is can be hard... my answer is EXPERIMENT! Touch and use different stimulation. Hard. Soft. Up …

Head- Lick. Suck. Swallow.

He loves head! Here's some ExxxiteMe tips any woman can do! Plus an exclusive excerpt from an anonymous pro swallower!  ( Whoa. )

》 Lick. Use your tongue as a weapon. You can create multiple sensations with your tongue. There's thousands of sensitive nerve endings in the tip, so grab that shaft and put it in your mouth! Roll and flick that tongue around. His moans will tell you if he likes it. Also, smaller pocket pussy can stimulate and stroke the shaft while you give his tip your undivided attention.
》 Suck. The sucking sensation creates a warm tight pulling feeling so when you pull back make sure that suction is nice and firm. Suck that nut out. 
》Lubrication. The wetter and sloppier it is the better! Spit on it. Make it noisy, we all like that sloppy wet sound! Also products like " Good Head " or " Head Job " can increase your saliva and make for a tasty wet treat for both parties. Yummy. 
》Humming is also a great sensation for him. When mixed with licking…

The Sexual Cheater.

Why do women cheat? I know there might be a million different reasons but I am talking from a sexual stand point. He won't pull your hair? Smack your ass? Use sex toys? Come on your face? Enjoy a threesome?
Unfortunately, all of the above and that's a damn shame!  Women have come up to me on multiple occasions telling me about this dilemma. They said that their "boyfriend #2" does all the freaky things that her man won't. Whoa, wait a minute... isn't that a little confusing?!  Umm... yea! You and your man should do it all! I should be able to enjoy my man and our sexual escapades to the fullest! Whatever I want and whatever he wants should be done. Same goes for you! Don't hold your partner back sexually, explore them sexually! Pleasure for two baby!

My married women have said that since they got that ring on their finger their man has become less aggressive in bed. No hair pulling or ass smacking. Now there are limits? What?!  Hell no! Fellas, she is yo…

Let's talk Sex Toys

Okay, so your not familiar with sex toys. Cool. I got you! Sometimes people are hesitant to try sex toys because they have never been exposed to them. There are a million different sex toys to choose from, so I know you can find one that will give you "The Big O". Do some research and read some sex toy reviews. If you enjoy them,
teach your partner how AMAZING and ORGASMIC they can be! Sex toys will NEVER replace the amazing feeling of your partner! They can only make your sexual experience better.

I never used sex toys until I went to college, and Whoa... what was I missing!? The first time I used a vibrator I had to get used to it, and when I did... ORGASM! It was my very first orgasm. I was excited and wanted to learn more. The fact is vibrators help women who have never had an orgasm.

If you have never masturbated or had an orgasm I suggest you try playing with different toys and different types of stimulation, you don't know the pleasure you are missing! If you don…