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Let's talk Sex Toys

Okay, so your not familiar with sex toys. Cool. I got you! Sometimes people are hesitant to try sex toys because they have never been exposed to them. There are a million different sex toys to choose from, so I know you can find one that will give you "The Big O". Do some research and read some sex toy reviews. If you enjoy them,
teach your partner how AMAZING and ORGASMIC they can be! Sex toys will NEVER replace the amazing feeling of your partner! They can only make your sexual experience better.

I never used sex toys until I went to college, and Whoa... what was I missing!? The first time I used a vibrator I had to get used to it, and when I did... ORGASM! It was my very first orgasm. I was excited and wanted to learn more. The fact is vibrators help women who have never had an orgasm.

If you have never masturbated or had an orgasm I suggest you try playing with different toys and different types of stimulation, you don't know the pleasure you are missing! If you don…