Monday, March 17, 2014

Head- Lick. Suck. Swallow.

He loves head! Here's some ExxxiteMe tips any woman can do! Plus an exclusive excerpt from an anonymous pro swallower!  ( Whoa. )

》 Lick. Use your tongue as a weapon. You can create multiple sensations with your tongue. There's thousands of sensitive nerve endings in the tip, so grab that shaft and put it in your mouth! Roll and flick that tongue around. His moans will tell you if he likes it. Also, smaller pocket pussy can stimulate and stroke the shaft while you give his tip your undivided attention.
》 Suck. The sucking sensation creates a warm tight pulling feeling so when you pull back make sure that suction is nice and firm. Suck that nut out. 
》Lubrication. The wetter and sloppier it is the better! Spit on it. Make it noisy, we all like that sloppy wet sound! Also products like " Good Head " or " Head Job " can increase your saliva and make for a tasty wet treat for both parties. Yummy. 
》Humming is also a great sensation for him. When mixed with licking ,sucking, and stroking it puts him over the top. Cock rings can add that vibrating feeling when used during head for added stimulation. 

☆☆☆For my fellow swallowers… (Written by an anonymous swallower)-

Now I am not talking about cum, well not just cum, but the dick also.I know this subject makes some women nervous, after all the penis can be intimidating. Please do not let your fear or intimidation prevent you from participating in this very satisfying act for you and your partner. 

There are two types of head givers. One, the person that loves loves LOVES to taste it, have it in their mouth, play with it all day long… NO MATTER who it is attached to. They just love to suck a dick! Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but this leaves some women out there believing if they don’t love it like this person does then they cannot rise to the occasion. I am here to tell you, YOU COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG! I know this because I am head giver type two. I have only done this to a few BUT I am the best that has ever graced their dick with my lips! I love head because my partner loves it. The deeper he gets into my throat, and I swallow all of him, hearing him moan and grabbing my hair gives me great pleasure! I aim to please… You can too!

Deep throat is no easy task for some, but it is a talent that can be learned and mastered. Some women, a lucky few, have been born without a gag reflux (that’s me). It makes it easier to place and keep your partner in the back of your throat and swallow everything! Just because you were not born with this talent doesn’t mean you can’t deep throat. Like all muscles, this muscle can be trained. You can practice on your partner or a sex toy of your choice. Food is not suggested due to not having the appropriate texture or firmness. Whenever you get a chance place him or your toy in the back of your throat, slowly. Over time your reflux will slow and cease to exist.

This is very important to men. Any man who says he doesn’t love a good blow job to include deep throat… I’d be inclined to say he is not being totally honest. Be open with your partner. What turns them on should be important to you and if you don’t know how to do it LEARN! Whatever pleases my partner pleases me. Thinking like this you can never go wrong. 

Now get out there and swallow! 

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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Sexual Cheater.

Why do women cheat? I know there might be a million different reasons but I am talking from a sexual stand point. He won't pull your hair? Smack your ass? Use sex toys? Come on your face? Enjoy a threesome?

Unfortunately, all of the above and that's a damn shame!  Women have come up to me on multiple occasions telling me about this dilemma. They said that their "boyfriend #2" does all the freaky things that her man won't. Whoa, wait a minute... isn't that a little confusing?!  Umm... yea! You and your man should do it all! I should be able to enjoy my man and our sexual escapades to the fullest! Whatever I want and whatever he wants should be done. Same goes for you! Don't hold your partner back sexually, explore them sexually! Pleasure for two baby!

My married women have said that since they got that ring on their finger their man has become less aggressive in bed. No hair pulling or ass smacking. Now there are limits? What?!  Hell no! Fellas, she is yours! Please her and make her think of no one else!

Us, women we fantasize A LOT. While we masturbate, while we have sex, while we are in the shower, even while we sit and think. Our mind is so creative when it comes to sex. All we want is a man to share our freaky desires and fantasies with, whyy is that sooo hard?

Ladies... what would you think if your man came up to you with all of these new sexual ideas? Would you be open and ready to go? Or would you question him all crazy?! I think they are afraid that if they ask for a threesome or want to try a new position or sex toy in the bedroom that you would go crazy, ask all these questions and create problems in your head... but why? Get over your insecurities! He came to YOU and wanted to try these things. Shoot,  if my man wants to try a new sex toy or position I'm all game. "Hey babe, I saw a hand stand position in this porno I was watching, wanna try?" A hand stand?!?! "Whoa, let me stretch for this one" thinking to myself but I assume the position! You never know I you like something until you try it. Needless to say neither of us liked the hand stand lol.

Being sexually open is key to a healthy relationship. Fellas, don't switch up sexually just because you made her your Queen. Listen to her. Her moans will explain it all.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

NEW Sex Toy Reviews!


I've done plenty of reviews for this great vibrator,  the CLITORAL HUMMER! Ladies this powerful multi-speed pleasure machine is great for awakening that clitoris and bringing her out from hiding. This vibrator is hard, smooth and can pin point the your pleasure zone!


Pocket pussies can be a mans best friend! The COCK STROKER is a great male toy! There is not an opening at the end so the suction created feels amazing! The inner ribblets along with some great lube get to stimulate your entire member! Another plus I have noticed is that it is much thicker than some other male toys so it can with stand more action.

☆☆☆Male pocket pussy review from an ExxxiteMe Client!!! ☆☆☆

"As a very sexually active man I've never thought twice about a male masturbator. Until one day I was given a "pocket pussy" as a gift. Not only was I pleased but when my girlfriend and I used the "pocket pussy" . I seen her eyes light up as we got into the rhythm. I never thought a male masturbator could help with my sexual performance as well I give it an A+" - Anonymous