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Head- Lick. Suck. Swallow.

He loves head! Here's some ExxxiteMe tips any woman can do! Plus an exclusive excerpt from an anonymous pro swallower!  ( Whoa. )

》 Lick. Use your tongue as a weapon. You can create multiple sensations with your tongue. There's thousands of sensitive nerve endings in the tip, so grab that shaft and put it in your mouth! Roll and flick that tongue around. His moans will tell you if he likes it. Also, smaller pocket pussy can stimulate and stroke the shaft while you give his tip your undivided attention.
》 Suck. The sucking sensation creates a warm tight pulling feeling so when you pull back make sure that suction is nice and firm. Suck that nut out. 
》Lubrication. The wetter and sloppier it is the better! Spit on it. Make it noisy, we all like that sloppy wet sound! Also products like " Good Head " or " Head Job " can increase your saliva and make for a tasty wet treat for both parties. Yummy. 
》Humming is also a great sensation for him. When mixed with licking…

The Sexual Cheater.

Why do women cheat? I know there might be a million different reasons but I am talking from a sexual stand point. He won't pull your hair? Smack your ass? Use sex toys? Come on your face? Enjoy a threesome?
Unfortunately, all of the above and that's a damn shame!  Women have come up to me on multiple occasions telling me about this dilemma. They said that their "boyfriend #2" does all the freaky things that her man won't. Whoa, wait a minute... isn't that a little confusing?!  Umm... yea! You and your man should do it all! I should be able to enjoy my man and our sexual escapades to the fullest! Whatever I want and whatever he wants should be done. Same goes for you! Don't hold your partner back sexually, explore them sexually! Pleasure for two baby!

My married women have said that since they got that ring on their finger their man has become less aggressive in bed. No hair pulling or ass smacking. Now there are limits? What?!  Hell no! Fellas, she is yo…