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Pretty Little Pussy.

Pretty Little Pussy. 
Hair. Pubic Hair. Do you shave it, trim it, or let it grow? Men and women all have their different preferences. 

Hair down there can be erotic, it holds the scent of that woman, her pheromones. Pheromones are the natural scent of a clean woman, one of the best sexual turn on's after beauty. No two women smell the same! I hope she smells good, actually it's a MUST that she smells good! A clean pussy is a healthy pussy! Grooming the hair can be fun and fashionable. Some women have even cut shapes, letters, and symbols into their hair. Show me! Lol I'm all about pussy art!  Pubic hair can also excite and stimulate the vagina, simple combing, kissing, twirling, and pulling can move the whole erotic area and possibly cause an orgasm!

Okay... so you shave her. Naked. So soft and smooth. Her pussy lips are bare and exposed. Exciting to the sight and touch. He/She can see the beautiful pussy flower that your lips create. In recent discussions I have found that m…

Time to buy New Sex Toys!

It is time to buy new sex toys!! Check out and see all of the sex toys available for your pleasure! If you are local #pittsburgh email me for personal #exxxiteme deliveries! #igotsextoys

Vibrators, Dildos, Sex Toys... Ooh My!!

Vibrators, Dildos, Sex Toys... OOOH MY! 
The fact is that there's such an amazing variety of vibrators and dildos for you to choose from. The size shape and material all vary and can be so overwhelming! Don't get scared!! I know many men (vibrators aren't just for the pussy!) And women who have no idea what they like or where to look...So I have a few questions for you to ask your inner sex god/goddess as well as some sex toy facts...

First, Where do you want to stick it?  Your clit? Your vagina?  Your anus? Your penis? Because anything that vibrates around those sensitive areas feels amazing, orgasmic! Specific toys are made for those different erotic zones. Rabbits,  Bullets, G-Spot vibrators, Anal vibrators, vibrating cock rings, and dildos can all be a good time.

Second,  How strong do you want the vibrations to be, if any?  If you have never used a vibrator then this question is can be hard... my answer is EXPERIMENT! Touch and use different stimulation. Hard. Soft. Up …