Thursday, June 5, 2014

Now we're getting wet! Squirting Part 2; The Squirt.

The Squirt. 

Now that your familiar with this female phenomenon ( read my last blog!)  I wanted you to read some real life squirting stories and tips for those who want to squirt. I definitely wanted both male and female perspectives on this wet subject.  So now let's get wet...

The first time is unexplainable and most women don't realize that they are squirting. When a woman learns to control this she can control this erotic power.  Practice makes perfect or at least gives you an orgasm in the mean time! Haha A few tricks like learning to connect and relax with your partner is key, also constant G-SPOT stimulation is a must and when you feel the "urge" to pee (which you won't), let it go and bare down and let it flow. Splash. 

It's a mental thing with us women. I believe most women are capable of this phenomenon. My advice is to keep trying! Now wait a minute... our partner has a lot to do with this wet action too. As a woman sometimes we may have to teach our partner what we like to get us to squirt. Take your time and enjoy all the orgasms until you getting there. 

Now I know there are men out there that are Squirt Kings. Lol And I just had to get Mr. Cory Eaux input on this juicy ass topic! MmMmMm ladies, ladies, ladies this is what he said....

"First and foremost, I’m not some female ejaculation expert... I’m just a guy that has noticed a few thing s along the way that contributes to a woman squirting.

Now the first time I made a woman squirt I had to be about 19. Did we know what was happening? No. We did eventually figure it out from a video once we got older. The two ways I’ve seen it happen most frequently comes from two positions. Her on top. Or me on top with her legs pushed all the way back. From what I’ve read up on about the Grafenburg Spot (G Spot) and female orgasms these positions work best for me because of my curve. The G Spot is that rigid fleshy mound if you do a “come here” motion with your finger(s). I’ve also seen it take place from doggy style and oral but I didn’t accomplish that until much later in life.

Now from what I’ve encountered you have 3 basic types of squirters. The Super Soaker. The Rain Maker. The Sprinkler. I’ll explain each a little below.


The  Super Soaker usually squirts from penetration followed by pull out. When the Super Soaker squirts is usually forceful and can travel quite some distance. Kind of like a Cytherea or a Jada Fire. The best position to achieve this with the Super Soaker is man on top with the legs pushed all the way back. Having a Super Soaker riding is also a treat because you’re bound to catch some splashing to the face.


The Rain Maker is always fun. It doesn’t necessarily take penetration for the Rain Maker to squirt. All it takes for her is fir her to be aroused. All it takes it a few taps on the clit to make it flow for the Rain Maker. Also pulling out and repeatedly hitting the clit with the head of the penis with cause gushing from this one. The Rain Maker is also the easiest to make squirt from oral.


The Sprinkler is a site to see! The most difficult to achieve of all the squirters. This one takes some really good timing. I usually have had The Sprinkler climax from being on top and having her leg pushed all the way back. Once you see and feel your partner is about to climax, pull out and rub the tip with a side to side motion vigorously across the clit. The Sprinkler may be the messiest of all the squirts but boy is it a site to behold.

 Now I’m no authority on this. 

These are just some tips from things I’ve picked up. Can a woman be a mixture of these? Of course! Can every woman squirt? I say yes. But it all depends on her comfortability level and if she is willing to let go. Every woman is different. Take you time with her. Get her aroused. Remember it’s mostly mental. I could go on and on but I’ll cut this one short for now. Until next time. "

Ooh are you moist yet! Sheesh. Thank you Mr. Eaux for that squirt knowledge! 

Here are some wet accounts of squirting experiences both male and female. Enjoy and get that bed wet. 

From the beautiful squirter herself, "Miss Rae"- "I was seventeen the first time I ever experienced squirting. At first I didn't understand what my body was doing. I was confused lol. After awhile, I grew to accept it & control it. As weird as I thought being a squirter was I ended up finding beauty in it. My orgasms were ok before but now they are explosive. It's also a man's favorite. Seeing my man's reaction when he makes me cum turns me on sooo much. Seeing how in awe he is over my beautiful mess lol. If you're a squirter too PLEASE do not be ashamed. Yes it's messy but it's well worth it. The tingling sensation in my clitoris and feeling my vagina pulsate while I orgasm feels so good. Then I squirt. Sometimes it's a lot sometimes it's not. Either way the feeling is incredible. I enjoy knowing that I have the ability to make my man lose his mind not just with who I am as a woman but with my body as well. Seeing him enjoy me adds so much fuel to my sexual fire....makes me extra freaky. I love that he loves my pussy squirting all crazy. To all the REAL squirters such as myself embrace it!! We are a rare breed & we definitely have the ability to make any sexual experience more exciting and wetter than ever ;-)"

Sent by "John Doe" - "My first experience of my female partner squirting was while playing with her vibrator we've been sexually active for the past 2 years and I decided that I would buy her a vibrator just to spice up the intimacy so after the oral sex I decided to use the vibrator once I touched her clit she started to jerk with pleasure because the vibration was so overwhelming then her thighs began to shake as she held the vibrator on her clit and I began to thrust her vagina gently with two fingers then all of a sudden she let out this overwhelming moan as her vagina began to leak as if she was urinating kinda had me confused because this was a first for me and her I paused for a quick second and she proceeded to rub her clit as she continued to gush and moan with pleasure I then knew that she was squirting for the first time and it was amazing and know its like a natural thing to use both"

Long live America this is an awesome testimonial from Mr. Ford a man in uniform- "I was at my army annual training. Just got back from a go go bar lol. This girl in my unit was telling me how she wanted my squad leader at the time. Him being the faithful husband that he is declined. She asked me to walk her to her room. She had a nigga fucked up lol. I took her to her door until she started struggling with her keys. I just took her hand and navigated her to the bathroom. We went in the stall and she started topping me off. She takes her shorts off and hangs on the stall like spider woman. Arms over the top and feet pressed against the side. I grab her by the waste and tear her up. Probably 4-5 times *splats* on the floor. I was like damn didn't know you were like that". 

MmMmMm Those are just some wet stories and there's much more wetness where they came from! Now go orgasm and get wet!! 

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Squirting; The Pre-Squirt.

You know I'm always pro- vagina and there are somethings we don't fully understand like SQUIRTING. Ever complex and still a mystery it is still being studied and experimented with by scientists trying to understand this amazing act of a woman's body. It wasn't until around 1980 that they even started to study squirting. So there has yet much to be discovered.  

Squirting can be seen in thousands of pornos and home movies around the world - talk about turn on, huh-. That wetness everywhere! MmMmMm...That is nothing to be ashamed of embrace it and use it as a sense of erotic powers my fellow squirters. Female ejaculation is messy, definitely messy (a towel is your best friend) but makes for a fun wet time! It is not strange or unusual. Don't be ashamed to wet the bed ladies!

When trying to accomplish this female phenomenon the key components are great stimulation and the ability to let loose, get that G-Spot going! Push down and let it flow. Empower yourself and your partner to do what feels good, natural, and pleasurable. 

For my myth busters this liquid is NOT pee! There has been debate and talk about the chemical make up of this juicy wetness because it passes through the urethral tube, but doesn't a mans? So is he peeing? No. So squirt on ladies. Make it rain! 
My advice for women if they want to but can't is to keep trying, practice makes for some great sexual experiences. Relax and take it all in, no actually let it all out. Splash. 

Ooh just wait for part two.  Testimonials and Tips.