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Now we're getting wet! Squirting Part 2; The Squirt.

The Squirt. 

Now that your familiar with this female phenomenon ( read my last blog!)  I wanted you to read some real life squirting stories and tips for those who want to squirt. I definitely wanted both male and female perspectives on this wet subject.  So now let's get wet...

The first time is unexplainable and most women don't realize that they are squirting. When a woman learns to control this she can control this erotic power.  Practice makes perfect or at least gives you an orgasm in the mean time! Haha A few tricks like learning to connect and relax with your partner is key, also constant G-SPOT stimulation is a must and when you feel the "urge" to pee (which you won't), let it go and bare down and let it flow. Splash. 

It's a mental thing with us women. I believe most women are capable of this phenomenon. My advice is to keep trying! Now wait a minute... our partner has a lot to do with this wet action too. As a woman sometimes we may have to teach our …

Squirting; The Pre-Squirt.

You know I'm always pro- vagina and there are somethings we don't fully understand like SQUIRTING. Ever complex and still a mystery it is still being studied and experimented with by scientists trying to understand this amazing act of a woman's body. It wasn't until around 1980 that they even started to study squirting. So there has yet much to be discovered.  

Squirting can be seen in thousands of pornos and home movies around the world - talk about turn on, huh-. That wetness everywhere! MmMmMm...That is nothing to be ashamed of embrace it and use it as a sense of erotic powers my fellow squirters. Female ejaculation is messy, definitely messy (a towel is your best friend) but makes for a fun wet time! It is not strange or unusual. Don't be ashamed to wet the bed ladies!

When trying to accomplish this female phenomenon the key components are great stimulation and the ability to let loose, get that G-Spot going! Push down and let it flow. Empower yourself and your p…