Tuesday, July 8, 2014

☆Porn☆ Pro vs. Amateur

    Pro vs. Amateur

I did much research for this blog. I watched, I read, and I made my own. Anyway, I wanted opinions from men and women about this "taboo", yet 97 million dollar topic. Today we can view porn with a click of a button.  Hell, sometimes you don't even have to click and it pops up. There's all different types of porn for your viewing pleasure. Lesbian, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Sex toy usage, bondage, and Squirting are just naming a few! However, the porn that I want to talk about is the professional porn vs. The homemade videos. 

------ "I love porn. Ever since I was 10 and I saw real sex on HBO I've watched porn. To me it's like the perfect sex. Anytime you want it! I like Amateur POV (Point of view) Oral, reverse cowgirl any position but mostly head. Every time I press play it makes me feel like I'm making porn instead of watching porn." - Sent to me from a male amateur  porn supporter. 

I've seen Kim and Ray J's video as well as Mimi and Niko's video among many others. What would you classify those as? Real or Acting? I enjoy "real" porn, when I say "real" I mean seeing the honest pleasure that the participants are receiving. I personally don't enjoy the professional actors because it is too "fake" to me. The woman actress is moaning and screaming before the dick has even entered... really?! Or how about those HUGE well endowed men. Wait... hold on I need to stretch for that one, WHOA . Many times the men look way too big to be "that" pleasureful..  maybe she is just screaming out of pure pain. Lol but to each their own. 

Okay, so you and your partner want to make a home video... first off I recommend you absolutely trust your partner, because I've heard of many home videos being watched my friends or family. Oops. Now there goes a relationship. Secondly, when your filming your own, don't think about it! It wont be natural. Place that camera somewhere and get to business!

--------- ".....for me personally, I like the homemade porn wayyyyy better than I like "scripted" porn. I think a lot of people are leaning that way which is why it's so popular now.  And with technology with camera phones, it's easier than ever to make.  I used to watch scripted porn all the time, now I can't watch it for 5 min without getting turned off.  For me, I like to see everyday people like you and me putting their escapades on camera for voyeurs like me to see.  Lol.  Just knowing that they are real people, no butt injections, no enhanced boobs, just freaks like myself who love sex and get off on having people watch them.  And because the ladies are real, the fantasy becomes even more intense.  I actually feel like I'm with these women sometime.  I'm done with porn actors all together.  They just don't excite me anymore." - Sent to me by another male homemade porn supporter. 

Men and women get turned on by erotica (porn) all the time. Sheesh, I know I do. Porn can be an educational experience.  When my man and I watch it we get excited and discuss wanting to try new sexual things, it is a great conversation starter for those who have a hard time opening up to their partner sexually.  Partners can watch it together and get some sexual ideas in which they want to try in their bedroom, kitchen, shower, or out in public. Go for it. Open up sexually and watch on!

--------- "I can remember the first time I ever enjoyed giving head. Before then, I was giving head only because that's what seemed appropriate. I was imitating what I saw on porn.   For the most part in porn, a woman's pleasure isn't even present.  All the work is geared toward making a man cum. The man cums and the scene ends; end of the porn. To be honest, that's how my sex life was before my husband. Sex was boring.  Sex sucked. I was often too "tired" or had a headache.  Looking back, I can now see my ex's (and myself) were mocking what was seen on porn videos . Not to mention, we were lacking in communication." -  Email, A married woman's perspective. 

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