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☆Porn☆ Pro vs. Amateur

    Pro vs. Amateur

I did much research for this blog. I watched, I read, and I made my own. Anyway, I wanted opinions from men and women about this "taboo", yet 97 million dollar topic. Today we can view porn with a click of a button.  Hell, sometimes you don't even have to click and it pops up. There's all different types of porn for your viewing pleasure. Lesbian, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Sex toy usage, bondage, and Squirting are just naming a few! However, the porn that I want to talk about is the professional porn vs. The homemade videos. 

------ "I love porn. Ever since I was 10 and I saw real sex on HBO I've watched porn. To me it's like the perfect sex. Anytime you want it! I like Amateur POV (Point of view) Oral, reverse cowgirl any position but mostly head. Every time I press play it makes me feel like I'm making porn instead of watching porn." - Sent to me from a male amateur  porn supporter. 

I've seen Kim and Ray J's…