Thursday, September 18, 2014

Anal Sex; Spreading the booty meat.

☆Anal Sex☆

Let's get dirty, I'm talking about butt sex dirty. 
Have you tried it? Do you enjoy it? Have you thought about trying it? What's stopping you?

Now let's spread that booty meat.... 

I was nervous my first time, thinking it was going to hurt a lot or that I would shit myself afterwards. Lol I was wrong. I took control. I knew that my hole was going to be tight and that lube would play a big part in this position. I bought Anal Eaze that helped lubricate the area as well as slightly numb it. He got into his position and stood there. I moved my body back and forth and controlled how much dick went inside of me. Now at first I didn't receive that much pleasure from this, but seeing how much pleasure he was having excited me. Since he was getting a lot of stimulation and pleasure from anal sex, I wanted to figure out how to enjoy it more myself. I found that if you play with your clitoris that your mind doesn't feel pain but pleasure,  and a lot of it. Going slow and rubbing  your clit can make anal sex great sex. 

Let it be known that Anal sex is NOT for everyone. If you want to try anal sex bring it up to your partner and see how they feel about it and go from there. I suggest that if you're interested in anal that you start off slow and with fingers first. Use lube, a lot of lube! The fingers can help you gage whether or not you will enjoy this type of pleasure. Start off with one or two fingers add some lube and slip them in. Anal beads can also be a fun way to start anal sex, they come in all different shapes and sizes for your personal booty pleasure.

Size does matter! I repeat size does matter. Bigger is not aways better in this case. 

Playing with your clit with your hand or a vibrator can add that stimulation that you're craving while in this position. Your nipples are also an erogenous area that can help create more pleasure. Now, don't get me wrong you can get pleasure from anal sex, itself without added stimuli. I've talked to women who can only orgasm when having anal sex.

Anal sex can be fun and open your sexual mind, just be mindful of your partner and talk about this first.