Friday, October 10, 2014

Talking SEX with your man.

Recently I have been approached by women wanting to tell their partner that they want to experience more in the bedroom. Many said they don't know how to bring up this topic and don't want to hurt his ego. Listen, communication is key in a relationship. You have to communicate to your partner what and how you want it. 

Ladies, you ARE entitled to an Orgasm just as much as he is. If you are not reaching orgasm during your sexual experience that's a problem. Some men think they know what they are doing, but don't. Not all women are the same. Not all women enjoy the same stimulation. 

If your partner "cums too fast" , "smaller than average", "doesn't have the right motion in the ocean", or "isn't open to try new things" it's time for a talk. All of those things I named above can be worked on. 

When talking to your significant other you don't have to be mean or aggressive about it. Sex is a popular topic and when it may come up bring up the issues you have. Make it fun. Make it educational.  Make it about pleasure for two!

Take matters into your own hands. If you want to add more spice in the bedroom sometimes you just have to "whip it out" such as a great lube, cock ring, small vibe, hand cuffs, or blind fold during your sexual experience that way both parties will already be aroused and will not think so much about it. Or Go on a "sex store" date. Walk around and choose an item or 2 that the both of you can enjoy. Going into a Sex Store is NOT unacceptable or nasty, it is fun, exciting, and entertaining!  I love shopping for fun bedroom items with my man. We both find things that each other would enjoy and we love making each other sexually happy! 

If he "cums too fast" there are multiple exercises that can help him. When he is approaching orgasm STOP whatever you are doing, by stopping a few times  he and the muscles can slow down and not cum as fast. It is proven that it takes women longer than men to reach orgasm. That's where foreplay can come in handy for us women. Foreplay can get us dripping wet and excited making the orgasm easier to reach. So if your partner cums fast, take time for some extra foreplay and stimulation. Be a little selfish. 

If he is "smaller than average" there are a few things that could help improve your sexual experience. When he is inside of the vagina your clitoris is left unattended. Play with her! Either you or your partner can play and stimulate your clitoris making the pleasure intensify! Love the clitoris. Make the only body part that is specifically designed for pleasure a key focal point! 

When I talk about the beloved clitoris I can not forget about oral sex ( cunnilingus ). "Eating pussy" is a craft and it should be perfected. Ladies eat many fruits and she will taste sweet! Teach your man what and how you like to be licked! Whether it be circular,  zigzag, vibrations (humming), or the flick let him know what sends you through the roof! Hey, even spice it up and try 69, where you both receive and give each other oral pleasure.

In a healthy relationship there should be unlimited communication. You and him talk about dinner, work, family and friends... so why not your sex life? If you or your partner brings up the topic of sex don't feel like "your sex isn't good" just know that they are willing and wanting to be open and try new things that will bring your sexual relationship to a whole new level.

Women have been sexually oppressed for years and that needs to change!

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