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Talking SEX with your man.

Recently I have been approached by women wanting to tell their partner that they want to experience more in the bedroom. Many said they don't know how to bring up this topic and don't want to hurt his ego. Listen, communication is key in a relationship. You have to communicate to your partner what and how you want it. 

Ladies, you ARE entitled to an Orgasm just as much as he is. If you are not reaching orgasm during your sexual experience that's a problem. Some men think they know what they are doing, but don't. Not all women are the same. Not all women enjoy the same stimulation. 

If your partner "cums too fast" , "smaller than average", "doesn't have the right motion in the ocean", or "isn't open to try new things" it's time for a talk. All of those things I named above can be worked on. 

When talking to your significant other you don't have to be mean or aggressive about it. Sex is a popular topic and when it may…