Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exxxotica "The biggest Love and Sex Expo!"


I didn't know what to expect. Was everyone going to be naked? Were they going to be fucking right in front of me?  I mean what comes to mind when you hear "Exxxotica: The biggest love and sex expo" ? My mind was racing. I was excited. 

Walking into the event I saw all different kinds of people,  young and old, male and female, all races, everyone was coming together for their love of sex! How awesome!

To my surprise the event was very professional. The porn stars were beautiful wearing cute lingerie and pasties covering up their lickable nipples. Some had big body guards or an entourage. The adult stars charged for pictures and they had merchandise for sale. Pinky told me I could take a picture with her and grab her ass for $100. 

There were sex toys everywhere. Any and every kind of sexual toy you can think of was there. Sex furniture, dildos, cock rings, whips, chains, lube, mystery pleasure bags, I could go on and on. If you had a question about any toy and which would be right for you the sex toy booth owners were ready to answer. 

In the "Dungeon" They were showing us how to tie up your partner and use pain as a pleasure-filled experience, I will tell you the bondage seminars were amazing. Throughout the day there was multiple seminars to attend about all topics; anal sex and how to make it easier, fellatio and how to deep throat, cunnilingus and how to eat the pussy,   adult stars and how to become one, just to name a few. 

Exxotica had a main stage where shows could be seen from anywhere in the building; the bbw shows, fire and pleasure shows, and couples participating on stage shows were awesome and the crowd seemed to love every minute of them. All to please the audiences sexual mind and desires.

The strippers and porn stars worked hand in hand for the after parties which were unimaginable! Sexiness was everywhere! Everyone was happy and welcoming. I can't wait to go back... I want to have my own booth next year! :)

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