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Stay Fresh My Friends ☆

A clean dick is a must. A clean pussy is a must.
Now that we got that out of the way, Hygiene is so important. No one wants to get all hot and heavy and smell something that instantly ruins the mood. When I am about to give a blow job, suck dick, or whatever you call it, if I smell something nasty, game over for you buddy! Shower. Clean up. Have some respect for the person about to give you an amazing orgasm! Ladies, when you know you're about to get some face all in it, tongue swirling head... Clean her! Make her fresh and tasty... you know... finger lickin good! 

Your nose is one of the most powerful sex organs! Smells can turn a person on! I know when a man/woman walks by and I smell some awesome goodness, she tingles a little. Haha 

Cleaning the ever so picky pussy with a mild soap and warm water is the healthiest way to go. If she continues to have a horrible odor,  I suggest you get her checked out immediately. Ladies, be a proud owner of your vagina and take care of the power y…