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Love Crave - VESPER

Love Crave - Vesper

I follow [ @lovecrave] on Instagram. I was checking out their page when I came across a necklace, but this was no ordinary necklace.  It was simple yet exotic. A stainless steel Vibrator that would hang from my neck... ooh what a conversation piece! I ordered it. 

I was skeptical of how strong the vibrations would be. I am a power queen. High vibes only! Ha This necklace for being small and simple packed a punch. 4 settings low med high and pulsating. Now I will be using this as jewelry more than a sex toy. 

The only thing I would change is the length of the necklace longer. I have big boobs, the vibe gets lost in the goodness if not careful. But other than that I love it! 


Sex in Red [Period love]

Sex in Red.
Sex while menstruating may seem to many as a "Hell No" sex act. However some say a man is not a man until he has "gotten some blood on his sword" Haha 

There are both pros and cons to having sex while on your period however the pros outweigh the cons! Whoop whoop for more sex! 

When mother nature comes knocking on my door, I used to get upset and depressed,  thinking it was dirty and very unattractive but as I gained knowledge I changed my way of thinking. It is natural for a woman, it is apart of the beauty and essence of that woman, that Queen. I am proud to be a woman and I embrace everything that comes with it.  Which is sex on my period...

I have run into mixed feelings about it from men and women. Some are all for it and some thinking it's an absolute "Hell No". But many women said they get increasingly hornier when they are on their period, I agree. I wanted to know why... your sex drive increase due to the hormone changes. The changes …