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Collecting Feminine Menstrual Periods.

Getting your period can be a dreaded time of the month but for homeless women that is an understatement. Reading the stories of these women is heartbreaking. That is why I will be putting together baskets and donations of products that will help [pads, tampons, menstrual cups, body wash, and other feminine menstrual products]. Donating all the items to the local Women's shelters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
The last day will be May 22nd. 

If you are interested email me at 

Clit Tits and lots of Hips! [T-shirt]- ExxxiteMe

Sprinkling SEX POSITIVITY and POSITIVE BODY IMAGE everywhere!  I love being a proud CLIT owner with lots of hips! Ladies show your pride! Whoop whoop!  

Email: and I will send you an invoice! 

☆$25 plus all purchases receive a Free sperm keyring! ♡

GYT. Get Yourself Tested.

STD'S affect people of all ages especially young people. You can't tell just by looking at someone if they have one or not. Many have STD'S and don't know it because there isn't any symptoms. The sooner you find out the sooner you can protect yourself and your partner. Preventing, testing for, and treating STD'S is pretty straight forward. Talk to your doctor. Talk to your partner. Don't be ashamed or afraid. Get checked frequently. #exxxiteme

Your sexual health is so important for not only you but your partner and family. I have heard horrible stories about how STD'S can ruin a family or relationship.

》A mother used a washcloth to was her entire body, she had a STD and did not know it. Her young 7 year old daughter used it shortly after her and gave herself her mother's STD which was a parasite! Trichomoniasis.  Sickening!

》A faithful woman was given Genital Warts from her cheating partner. Now she can never have a vaginal birth in fear that she co…