Friday, May 22, 2015

Knowledge is Power - The Power of Female Sexuality ♡

I am a huge fan of hers. I am glad she agreed with me! 

Knowledge is power! We really need to understand the power we have, why else has it been hidden from us for so long?! Female sexuality and pleasure have been dismissed for centuries. It has been hidden, erased, and shamed. That needs to stop, there isn't any logic behind it! Our orgasm and pleasure is just as important as our partners. There isn't female sexuality without the clitoris and everyone needs to know and accept that! Women are sexual beings. And that is the way it is supposed to be! We need to learn to be a proud sexual being. If men can "brag" about their dick all day best believe I am going to brag about my clit! Unleash the power! 

It is going to take awhile to unlearn what we have been taught since childhood. We have been taught to be sorry for our actions, they way we dress, whether we wear make up or not, "not being a virgin", having sex with one or more people, why though?! [What makes a dick, the cream of the crop?!] Stop "being sorry"! Never be "sorry" for your sexuality. Never be "sorry" for the way you look or dress. Be you! Love yourself. We as women have to come together. We have to empower, uplift, and motivate our fellow sisters!

If we take the stigma away from certain words, we gain the power... "slut", "whore", "cunt", and "bitch" are just a few. Society and the double standards are ridiculous and sickening. Amber Rose is a perfect example of society and "slut shaming". Knock it off! The same men who attempt to degrade US are the same ones that seek validation trying to chase US. [Crazy huh] If you pay attention to the music, media, TV, and movies this will be made clear. As women we have to stick together and not fall into those traps. Don't support anything that doesn't support you. Also we need to make things clear and educate our children and family. Teach respect.

We are not "pieces of meat", no really, we have been referred to as that! We don't own anyone sex, period. Just because some men can't control themselves doesn't mean that as a woman I have to change the way I live my life. Rape and sexual assault is a HUGE issue in the US and the world. I can't believe the horror stories I hear. My heart goes out to all the victims, including myself. Many rapists never see a day in jail. This needs to change. Immediately. The fact that harassment isn't a compliment and that some men feel untitled to our body, is actually pretty scary! Speak up and educate the people you are around. Everyone needs to wake up! Remember never ever victim blame and always listen! 
I have the Rape Hotline listed in a previous blog if you or anyone you know needs it.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The "How To" on Masturbation for the Ladies.

Pleasure Sensations. 
Masturbation can come easy for some but for others it can be a bit difficult getting in the mood for self pleasure. And that is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with an awesome sensual warm up to get you in the mood and your juices going. 

I never knew anything about masturbation my first time, I winged it and failed. It felt good but my mind didn't know what to do, what to think, and I couldn't relax. I had never even had an orgasm so I didn't even know what to think. I didn't get discouraged,  I just took a different route. I took a nice hot shower and then started to read the "Sex Chronicles" by Zane and sheesh did that get my sexual imagination going. I got immediately turned on. So I turned on my vibrator and began. I tried different positions and different vibrator speeds until I found the best pleasure sensation. After a few minutes I had felt something I had never felt before, and I definitely wanted to feel it again. Hello Orgasm and Hurray for Masturbation! From that point on I would masturbate and learn my body, my sexual body. I learned how fast or slow my clitoris liked to be caressed and how she felt during high or low vibrations. The higher vibrations won her over. By learning what I enjoyed, I was able to tell my partner what do to and how to make me orgasm. Open communication in a relationship is crucial especially when it comes to pleasure. 

Okay, now that you know my story, I want to help you create a masturbation story of your own. 

Mind and Body Stimulation. 

Having a love affair with yourself is both mental and physical.  Love yourself and your body. Your vulva is beautiful. Your clitoris is beautiful. Know that. Repeat that to yourself. Now that you mentally love yourself let's start physically loving yourself. 

Take a hot shower or bath and rub your sexy body, slowly. Embrace and feel every touch and wonderful sensation you are receiving. Always take your time. Think of a pleasure-filled experience that will make her [your clitoris] tingle. Remember no one can hear what your thinking, no one knows or can judge your fantasy. It is completely yours. It is limitless. 

Light some candles, play some soft sensual music, turn on a good porno, read an erotic book, or retrieve hot memories from your "spank bank". None the less set the ambiance, your perfect ambiance.

Dry yourself off slowly perhaps in front of a mirror, dance a little. Take oil or lotion and tenderly rub your body. Give yourself a massage. Start from the top and work your way down saving your genitals for last. Take a little more time on your nipples, erect them.  Moving further down don't forget your stomach and hips, let the anticipation build.

Your clitoris is swelling and your vagina is wet. Wonderful. Caress your vulva. Hairy or shaved embrace her. Now open your lips. [Make sure your hand or fingers are moist, lube, spit, or your own wetness] Softly rub your clitoris. Up and down, in a circular motion, fast or slow, soft or hard... you be the judge.  Some women enjoy only clitoral stimulation to orgasm while others enjoy vaginal penetration as well. If you want to stimulate your vagina as well slowly slide a finger or two into your wet vaginal opening. Feel around, feel the warmth and wetness. Now that you have felt her, why not taste her?! Yum. Slid your finger into your mouth. What do you taste like? Repeat the steps that are pleasurable for you. 

The Touch.

You don't have use just your hands or fingers, there are various sex toys that are wonderful to use such as vibrators, dildos and bullets. Remember every woman likes different things, you know... "different strokes for different folks", either way enjoy your beautiful body. Never be ashamed of your sexuality.  
Timing can be an issue when trying get get some alone time. I say,  make some. You need to make some time for yourself. It is important for not only for your mental sanity but your sexual sanity. There is nothing wrong with self pleasure, it's sex with someone you love! So take some well deserved time and focus on pleasure, your pleasure and learn your sexy body.

Grab your favorite Vibrator. 

I asked some men and women what they do to get in the mood when it comes to self love here are some of the raw and real responses I got...

☆ Oh girl lol. I watch porn. Depending on my mood is what I search for & then find a good video.

☆ I either read or I look at Twitter porn gifs or a little porn 

☆ A "sure fire" song for me is "Would You Mind" by Janet Jackson.  I turn into a whole different person when I hear that song. 

☆ I love porn! Nothing like finding that perfect movie or scene and creating your own pleasure with every sexual camera angle. Or sound adjusting moan. There's nothing sexier then being able to touch your self to the visual of your dreams! To have your fantasy make you explode! And by watching someone fuck who loves to be watched makes me love to be watches.

☆ I reach into my "spank bank" 

☆I turn on a good porno,  celebrity porno is my favorite.  I also like watching women squirt. 

☆I relax and get out my favorite vibrator. I play with my clit for a few minutes then stop. Then I start again, I do this a few times to build up the anticipation,  then I have a huge orgasm and I love it. 

However you get into the mood for masturbation just know that no one but you knows your fantasies. Love yourself. Enjoyyy your orgasm. 

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Clit is the Shit!

The Clit is the Shit! 


It is CLITORIS AWARENESS WEEK [May 6th through the 12th] so it only seems right to shine some light on this pleasure piece .

This week is dedicated to helping the victims of genial mutilation around the world. Yes, unfortunately in some countries around the world women are required to get their clitoris cut off [Horrible, I know]. Turns my stomach. Donate to Clitoraid if interested in helping this great cause. I can't even imagine living life without one!

I don't want to focus on the negative... We need to give the CLITORIS the shine she deserves! For being the only body part with one sole purpose of PLEASURE she needs to be celebrated! Celebrate her with pride!

The Clitoris can be easily over looked due to it not having any reproductive purpose. Says who?! I believe it has an awesome reproductive purpose, pleasure during the sexual experience for the woman. In high school, my health class or any other class never talked about the clit. Never. Then again they didn't discuss much of anything that mattered when it came to sex. Many men and women are unfamiliar it and now I know why. I had to take a Human Sexuality course in college to discover this awesome pleasure organ. Why did the world hold out on me so long!? 

When in the womb the penis and clitoris are made up of the same tissue and develop into which ever part based on the sex of the fetus. So there's more than meets the eye for us females.

This sensitive female organ has 8,000 nerve endings which is double what the penis has! Go us! When stimulated the clitoris can send pleasure waves up and down your spine awakening your deepest sexual pleasures. The clit is more than just a " magical button" or "sensitive numb" it goes deeper inside the female body in the shape of a wishbone. It's like buried treasure! So by stimulating the whole Vulva area it gets the  clitoris' blood pumping and the juices flowing. Now we are having some fun! 

I love the Clitoris so much, I bought a Clitoring!  

Many women need clitoris stimulation to orgasm. I repeat... Many if not all women need clitoris stimulation to orgasm, so don't neglect her, rub, flick, lick, and vibrate on! During sex the size of the clitoris can matter, the bigger or closer the clit is to the vaginal opening the easier it is to orgasm. Which is also why different sex positions matter and some feel better than others. If the position you are in gives you little clitoral stimulation there's nothing wrong with giving her a little pleasure yourself. Feeling your own warmth and wetness can be a great turn on.  Happy rubbing!

Every female has a different and unique clit. No two look the same. If you don’t know what yours looks like I suggest you grab a mirror and check her out, your vulva too! Hell, make it a date with your partner and look together. Your partner should know just as much as you. Trust me it will make for a better sexual experience! Don't be afraid,  your pleasure is just as important as theirs.

I suggest you get like this! 

Positive vulva, clitoris, and vaginal self image leads to a greater sexual desire, better orgasms, more lubrication and arousal. Love your vulva. Love your clitoris.  Be a proud vagina owner! Never be ashamed of your female sexuality! 

For many women, her clit likes to be licked, touched, and caressed. I've heard that unfortunately many men don't know what to do with her... and that's a huge problem to me! But that's for a different blog. Pussy Eating blog coming next! Haha 

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Don't hate, Masturbate! ☆ Happy National Masturbation Month!

Don't hate, Masturbate! 

May has come and so should you! May is National Masturbation Month!

Back in 1994 -1995 during Bill Clinton's presidency, Joycelyn Elders was the Surgeon General. She spoke up about sex education and her feelings towards masturbation stating "As per your specific question in regard to masturbation, I think that is something that is a part of human sexuality and it's a part of something that perhaps should be taught. But we've not even taught our children the very basics".  Clinton didn’t like her open minded view on sex education and masturbation. Later that year she was forced to "resign" as the Surgeon General. How ironic coming from a man getting his dick sucked by Monica while married to Hilary. Soo I guess no masturbation for you mister president? 

The well known sex positive, sex goods company Good Vibrations got wind of this and took action. In 1995 they declared May as National Masturbation Month and awesomely enough it has grown to International Masturbation Month! Yippy! 

Let's dig in...

What do you call it?...
Choke your chicken
diddle your skittle
rub one out
self love
flick your bean
pet the kitty

Masturbation is defined as the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals usually to the point of orgasm. You can use a number of items to masturbate with such as your hand or fingers, sex toys, vibrators or dildos, or even a cucumber. Masturbation is somewhat of a taboo topic due to religious beliefs, personal choices, and different cultural up bringings. Luckily over the years these taboos have declined because of the media exposure it is getting. 

☆I was one of those people. My up bringing never discussed this topic, ever. It wasn't until college that I even learned what an orgasm was. I went to one of "those" parties, you know the ones that talk all about sex toys and I bought my first vibrator, a white and pink light up vibrator. I had never used one before. I tried it a few times but could never seem to hit that spot or orgasm. One day after a long day of classes I went home and took a nice long hot shower. I relaxed and tried to unwind after having such a busy day. I decided to try again and holy shit... soo this is what everyone was talking about! Sheesh! I had my first orgasm! Needless to say I fully support masturbation!  Haha 

There are many benefits that are associated with masturbation. 1. It is good mentality and physically for our health. 2. Masturbation can boost your self esteem and make you feel good about your body and sex. 3. It also is the safest form of sex, you don't have to worry about STD'S or pregnancy, you can focus solely on the pleasure.  4. Masturbation is one of the best ways we can learn about our own sexuality. By exploring your own body you can learn your likes and dislikes with the different sensations. If you can't make yourself orgasm, how can you tell/show your partner how to make you orgasm!? 5. It is a great stress reliever. Those are only naming a  few!

Relax. Enjoy yourself. More blogs on masturbation coming soon! #exxxiteme

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