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Pittsburgh Pride 2015

Pride in Pittsburgh! 
This year the Pittsburgh Pride reached a record number of attendees! [110,000] people came out to support and celebrate this community. There were all ages from young children to the elderly that came together for this very important celebration and awareness raising event. There was nothing but LOVE and that's all we need! 

A huge Thank you to Nick Jonas for performing due to the last minute Iggy Azalea drop out. Many protested her performance anyway due to her racist and homophobic statements. Nick is way better anyway! 

Sunday was soo much fun! I am so thankful for the Clarion Women's Rugby team [which I used to play for] for letting me walk with them in the parade! Everyone loved the sex positive shirt "Clit Tits and lots of Hips" which is why I gave so many away! ♡ 

What made the day even more special was being part of a surprise marriage proposal at the end of the parade, it was such an awesome feeling. I cried. They made signs and she said YE…