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Female Orgasm 101 and Fellatio 101 Classes!

Sexology Parties 
Female Orgasm 101 and Fellatio 101 

I have been promoting and fighting for sex positivity and sex education for awhile now and recently I traveled to San Diego for training to become a licensed Sex Educator, studying under the amazing Dr. Jill McDevitt! I am really excited to be able to bring this useful, fulfilling, and pleasurable knowledge to you! I will be teaching two of her most successful in-home parties: Female Orgasm 101 and Fellatio 101.

Sophia Wallace's "Thunder Clit" Stencil

Female Orgasm 101

75% of women have faked an orgasm. After this workshop- never again! Between the ice breaker game that will have you out of your seats and roaring with laughter, to the goofy demonstration with Nova the Vulva Puppet, from the myth busting section about the lies we've all been told (and still believe) about female orgasm, to the activity that past students say literally changed their life, it's no wonder this is one of the most popular Sexology Parties!

Female Orgasm 101 starring "Nova" the Vulva Puppet! 

 Fellatio 101

This party will help you turn blow jobs into blowfun! Have you ever wondered how to alleviate the gag reflex, how to avoid lockjaw, or if it's best to spit or swallow? Find out the answers to these questions and more! Participants will play games, learn important penis anatomy, and get to practice expert mouth, tongue, lip, and hand techniques on a carrot.

Fellatio 101 starring "Blaze" the penis pillow!

If you're looking for a fun exciting night with friends, family, an unforgettable bachelorette party, or just want to learn everything they didn't teach you at home or school, book a Sexology Party with me! Who said learning can't be fun!

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Sex Ed in this country

Whoa. There is a serious issue in this country when it comes to Sex Education [we knew that]. There isn't even regulations when teaching it, that is so detrimental to many! I can't belive that some of the videos and references are even real! How horrible. Wtfff... Even though this tried to be funny yet educational, they still used "vagina" instead of "vulva" which is very important when discussing Sex Education! Take the time to watch this. Education is power. ☆ This is great!!

Many if not all, Sexologists and Sex Educators have been saying these things for yearssssss! Pay Attention!

"There’s no way we would allow any other academic program to CONSISTENTLY FAIL to prepare students for life after school; and Human Sexuality unlike Calculus is something you ACTUALLY need to know about for the rest of your life!" - John Oliver [And every Sex Educator I know!]

"It's nice when something you've been screaming at the top of your lungs for a decade and everyone ignored is finally, suddenly, magically, touted as a genius when a guy say it in a comedy routine..." - Dr. Jill McDevitt 

Sexual Education is so important for you, your partner(s), and your life! ☆

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