Le Wand Review

I was so excited to receive the Le Wand and try it since it was brand new on the market. When I got it, I was very impressed by the packaging, it is very elegant and informative. The sleek and elegant design caught my attention of this Wand. Upon opening it I was very impressed to see that it came with a bag for storage. I also was impressed to see the attachment that was also available.

It was hard for me not to notice how comparable it is to the Magic Wand that has been dominating the market for years. The head of the Le Wand is made from silicone; which is an excellent, body-safe material. I must say that the strength is exceptional. However, the vibration is very loud, and more “buzzy” than other wands; which makes it difficult to utilize discreetly. The (three) buttons for speed and (ten) vibration patterns are positioned conveniently for easy access during use. The rechargeable port is easily accessible as well as it is located on the bottom of the Le Wand. It also came with a topper that could be placed on the silicone head for different stimulation, which was a bonus.

Linnea Marie


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